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Services & Pricing

Dr. Leake accepts most insurance plans for assistance in coverage of treatment costs. Please check with your insurance provider for specifics on your individual plan coverage.  At this time, Dr. Leake does not accept new WC/MVA patients.


*Prices listed below are cash rates for services. Out of pocket expenses with insurance coverage vary by plan. Please check with your insurance provider for benefit specifics.

Full body static and motion assessment, along with injury specific evaluation. Includes, as appropriate, SFMA/FMS screens, DNS testing, orthopedic and neurologic evaluation, chiropractic specific palpation and testing, and sports/goal specific baseline. 

[60 min appointment]




Focused Follow-up:

Chiropractic adjustments and light soft tissue work as deemed necessary by initial evaluation

[20 minute appointment]


Detailed Follow-up:

Chiropractic mobilizations and adjustments, myofascial release techniques, and/or corrective exercises deemed necessary by initial evaluation.

[30 minute appointment]

$50 /$80


Rocktape and application for ailment and/or functional deficiency identified in previous initial exam/follow up visit ONLY.



For HMO and other insurance plans that do not cover corrective exercise programming and manual therapy (i.e. ART, Graston, taping, and/or therapeutic exercises). Or for additional 15 minutes added to follow-up appointment.

** These services are included in the cash rate for our Detailed Follow-up Visit for no additional fee.


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