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Sports & Rehab

Getting you back to the sport you love after injury... and (more importantly) helping to prevent injury in the first place. 


As a former college track and field athlete, Dr. Leake knows the toll that competitive sport takes on the body and mind.  Whether you are a professional baseball player or just a weekend warrior, Dr. Leake strives to keep you doing what you love. 


While there are a lot of rehabilitation and recovery tools at our disposal, our primary goal is to keep you from getting injured in the first place: Keeping you competing and moving as best we can. 

Swimming start
Track start line

Getting you moving...

                keep you moving

Soccer kick

So how do we do that?  By utilizing functional full body screens on every person that walks through our doors, in order to find that weak link...the potential for future injury BEFORE it happens.  Because that is when it is most important! Tools like the SFMA, FMS, and our chiropractic and orthopedic screenings help us to fully evaluate each individual for potential injury.

Underwater view swimming
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