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Prenatal Care

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Bridging the gap in prenatal and postpartum care...

While prenatal care has come a long way in California, we still have some serious room to improve. Dr. Leake's goal in prenatal care is to empower moms with knowledge and encouragement throughout the process. On the physical side, we strive to attain proper pelvic and spinal alignment:  To foster the ideal environment for baby to grow, to make pregnancy and delivery safer and easier on both mom and baby, and to promote faster and safer healing post-delivery as well. Every effort is made to assist mom in creating her ideal birth and healing environment. Co-management with your birth team (OBGYN, midwife, doula, etc.) is encouraged and emphasized throughout the course of care. 


85% of women in the US will have a baby at some point, and once she has a baby she is postnatal forever.  This changes the way the body and mind function from that day forward (as most moms can attest).  Dr. Leake specializes in addressing issues specific to the postnatal patient, both physical and mental... issues that unfortunately are frequently overlooked. 

While we tend to spend lots of time and energy on the prenatal stage, mom and baby tend to get lost in the shuffle post delivery. Dr. Leake's goal is to bridge the gap between acute delivery recovery and getting mom back to real life and real exercise, safely and efficiently. Every body and mind is different... every pregnancy and delivery is different... That's why every recovery plan is tailor made for the individual and ever evolving through the course of care. The way it should be!


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Empowering STRONG mamas...

                                ...inside and out

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